we value total wellness, treating your feet and toenails to a pedicure helps improve over-all health. our summer pedicure series will help you maintain the health of your nails a feet June through August! Check the series out here.

madison hair salon & spa

Texture Salon & Spa is an upscale intimate salon and spa in Madison providing all hair care and nail services. The salon is conveniently located in the new Arbor Gate Building, just off Todd Drive. Schedule your appointment today for a new hair design, coloring, hair treatment, or to indulge in a spa manicure or pedicure!

Our Mission

At Texture Salon & Spa, our vision is to create the perfect environment to harvest creativity so that inspiring work can take place.  The ability to be creative stems from our commitment to continuing education.  We aspire to elevate our craft both technically and artistically to provide consistent results time and time again.  We are passionate about what we do and strive to give our clients a look that is uniquely their own that they are able to maintain through the education we provide. 

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A design team that listens,

that speaks for itself.

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